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Mariah Carey hologram performs simultaneously in five cities


The simultaneous events expressed T-Mobile’s ‘Life is for Sharing’ at its most superlative – an amazing moment enjoyed by people across countries.

Held as part of Saatchi and Saatchi’s latest installment in the ‘Life is for Sharing’ campaign, the events were designed to capture those moments when people share experiences with loved ones. 12,000 people attended events held simultaneously in five European cities. 27,000 more watched the live stream online. The accompanying candlelight app was downloaded more than 8,000 times in just 20 minutes. T-Mobile exceeded sales targets in the Eastern European markets it was targeting.

About the T-Mobile events

T-Mobile wanted to boost awareness across Eastern Europe during the run up to Christmas – a key time for mobile phone companies as over a third of handset and contract sales take place during this period. Yet higher awareness of the brand in Eastern European markets was needed, to encourage people to want to join.

So Saatchi & Saatchi created the multi-city, multi-media spectacular that unfolded simultaneously across five markets, starring the world’s biggest selling female artist of all-time, singer-songwriter Mariah Carey. Press campaigns promoted the events prior to them taking place. On the day of the show, a press release went out saying that Mariah had been seen shopping near each city’s central square.

In the keeping with the spirit of Christmas and the tradition of gifts and giving, five huge Christmas boxes were built in the centre of each city: Zagreb, Podgorica, Krakow, Skopje and Frankfurt. The Christmas boxes opened to reveal Mariah Carey appearing before audiences in the form of a hologram, bringing the ‘Life is for Sharing’ message to all the five cities simultaneously. All five holographic screens were connected so that every location could share the experience together.

Carey appeared as if she was live in concert for the first 10 minutes of the show. Then her hologram form exploded into the sky, revealing the surprise before reforming to lead all of the cities in a moving rendition of the traditional carol Silent Night. To accompany the sing-a-long crowds were able to download a candlelight app to their internet-enabled smart phones, creating a visually stunning moment.

The truly magical event was the basis for a new advertising campaign released by Telekom across Poland, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(FYROM) and Montenegro, along with Bulgaria and Albania (under its Cosmote & Globul brands respectively). The campaign focused on reinforcing the ‘Life is for Sharing’ brand message.

Our technology in the simultaneous events

The simultaneous events saw Carey perform her biggest Christmas hits to thousands of surprised onlookers thanks to a huge team effort, delivered on the day using our 3D holographic technology.

Carey’s holographic form was created using our Eyeliner™ system, what we call the heartbeat of our technology and often referred to as our 3D hologram projector. She was filmed in the October in New York by the Musion team, simply so we could create her hologram. The events then went live on 16 November 2011.

The use of Eyeliner™ was one of the first times the technology had been delivered on such a scale and with an artist of such stature.

The Christmas box rig was pre-tested in Prague and the exterior structure built by Still King.

Reactions to the event

European Creative Director for Deutsche Telekom, Jason Romeyko led an international team across the Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA network including Poland, the UK, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(FYROM), Montenegro, Germany and Croatia. He said:

“From an agency side it has been a challenge to coordinate a project of this scale across the multiple markets, but together with our ideas, our other greatest strength is our network. We have mobilised people at every level. The stakes are even higher because in the 20 minutes we will need to capture all the film footage we need to create spectacular image films, product spots, print and PR assets.”

Watch the official film above to really capture the scale of the event and the magical moment it created.


Creative agency – Saatchi and Saatchi

Content Consultancy – Musion

Production – Radical Media

Director – Dennis Lieu

Animation – MPC

Music – Mariah Carey

Musical direction – Randy Jackson

Choreography – Debbie Allen

Holographic 3D technology – Musion

Exterior Christmas box structure – Still King