Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

Career retrospective stuns visitors with centerpiece hologram


A burlesque dancing Dita Von Teese hologram formed a stunning centrepiece at the Design Museum show, helping to bring in 38,000 visitors over ten weeks, their largest show ever.

When London’s Design Museum decided to showcase twenty years’ of the French shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s iconic work, little did they know the show would bring in 38,000 visitors over ten weeks, a museum attendance record. The retrospective exhibition featured hundreds of pairs of Louboutin’s sought-after heels. At its centre: a holographic performance from Louboutin’s muse, Dita Von Teese – the hologram morphing from giant stiletto to elegant dancer.

About the Dita Von Teese hologram

Burlesque dancer Von Teese was one of Louboutin’s most fiercely loyal customers and represented the shoe designer’s earliest design inspiration: the showgirl.

Famous for the instantly recognizable glossy red soles on his stilettos, Louboutin’s artistry has always played with theatricality, glamour, elegance and femininity – from stilettos to lace-up boots, studded sneakers and bejeweled pumps.

So Von Teese’s 3D holographic performance at the designer’s retrospective was a perfect fit. It was an ideal way to express the values that underpin one of the most successful shoe brands in the world: magical, inspirational and continually pushing the boundaries.

Our technology used in the Louboutin retrospective

Everybody involved in the project felt it crucial to create something special for the Louboutin retrospective – to showcase the shoes, but also tell their story: where they have come from and everything they say.

Dancer Dita von Teese was filmed performing in a studio and post-production animated effects added to the footage, which saw her hologram morph from a distinctively glamorous stiletto, finished with Louboutin’s unique signature: the glossy red sole.

A holographic installation was built in the centre of the exhibition space and our Eyeliner™ system used to create the hologram.

Reactions to the hologram

Record-breaking numbers of people attended the Design Museum’s show.

38,000 people attended the show – an average of 910 people per day. Audiences simply loved the Von Teese hologram, which emphasized the showgirl theme and pulled the entire exhibition together.

Watch the making of the Dita Von Teese hologram above


Hologram Directed by Ali Mahdavi

Content Production – Musion

Art Director – Oliver Gingrich

Film Production – Musion

Holographic technology – Musion

Animation and post-production – SquareZero