The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience
Michael Kors

The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience

Musion Eyeliner screen adds to grandeur of fashion show


For the ambitious show – The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience – we ensured the absolute best was achieved from our patented foil and technology.

US fashion designer, Michael Kors, and his creative team had a clear vision for the jet-set aesthetic and wanted to create for a new show: The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience. The show featured Kors’ latest signature collection and was the designer’s first-ever in China. Musion technical experts were tasked to deliver a technically difficult set up of our Eyeliner holographic system using our patented foil technology.

About The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience

The Experience event hosted 1,000 VIP guests in a 30,000-square-foot jet hangar at Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport. The brainchild of Michael Kors and his creative team, the show was a visual feast and a fabulous celebration of Kors’ latest Jet Set Collection. Guests included Hilary Swank, Freida Pinto, Camilla Belle, Silas Chou, Ming Xi, Hu Bing, Gao Yuanyuan and fashion designer Uma Wang.

Held in Shanghai, the event not only showcased the new collection to the Chinese market but it creatively and carefully communicated that Chinese jet-setting consumers are just as important to the brand as the domestic retail market.

To ensure that global fans of the fashion label could enjoy The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience too, an interactive 360-degree app was released to coincide with the show. The app ferries fans through the celebration – the exclusive runway show, 3D visuals and various projections. It also linked through to the brand’s online store.

Our technology used in The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience

For this event and due to the size of the screen desired, our highly skilled experts were needed to lead the technical set up of our Eyeliner holographic  technology and patented foil screens. The screen was exceptionally large: we used three pieces of 12m high x 8m wide foil and deftly combined them to create a screen 288 square metres in size, enabling Michael Kors to create a life size hologram of a private jet for the events finale.

We were delighted our experts ensured that our patented technology provided the precise standards required, delivering the awe-inspiring visuals it is renowned for.

The resulting show and visual celebration of Kors’ latest collection was simply superb. We were proud to play our part.

Reactions to The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience

Online,’s The Cut described the show as a “Shanghai extravaganza” that “lived up to the hype”, commenting “if that weren’t dramatic enough, the show also incorporated 3-D video and hologram technology.”

Elsewhere, Glamour magazine wrote: “Don’t call it just a runway show – the event featured major high-tech elements, including high-def video projection (catchily called Musion Eyeliner), a fashiony multidimensional film, and the chicest international crowd that side of the Pacific.”