Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

Members of the group perform as holograms at live show


Despite members of rap group the Black Eyed Peas being unable to attend the NRJ awards in France, the show went on with two performing as holograms.

France’s NRJ awards are the country’s equivalent to the Grammys. The event commands a TV audience of 6 million viewers in France alone. With such a high profile event at stake, the Black Eyed Peas were keen to perform at the awards despite two members unable to physically make it to the star-studded evening. However, not being able to accept a silly excuse like ‘being elsewhere on the planet’, the group all appeared on stage. Alongside and, Fergie and Taboo performed The Time (Dirty Bit) as holograms using our Eyeliner™ system.

About the Black Eyed Peas’ hologram performance

The Black Eyed Peas had always wanted to explore the use of 3D holograms for performances. Conscious of schedule conflicts and the possibility that members might need to be elsewhere, the group got serious about using holographic performance techniques and technology.

It was decided that our technology should be tested at the NRJ’s in Cannes during January 2011, an event promoted by the radio station NRJ in partnership with the TV channel TF1. The reason being that the group already knew that two members – Fergie and Taboo – had prior commitments.

The result: some of the coolest holograms ever seen. And a performance that even included and Taboo’s hologram dancing in perfect synch, such was the precision with which the show and technology were executed.

Our technology used for the live holographic performance

The holographic performance was made possible by our Eyeliner™ projection system. By working with event and marketing specialists, BeamerBoys, who specialise in 3D and holographic production, we also helped to create the performance content.

The missing group members, Fergie and Taboo, were pre-filmed in a studio and animation effects were added in post-production. These included the infamous effect of Fergie and Taboo’s holograms pixelating – with each pixel spectacularly crashing to the floor in time with Dirty Bit’s crescendo and final beat.

Reactions to the Black Eyed Peas’ holograms

The holograms and the overall performance looked utterly convincing. It is debatable whether many people in the audience even suspected two of the group were holograms. At the end of the performance, a very pleased looking even says: “we’re really proud of this technology.”


Production/Installation – Musion

Holographic 3D technology – Musion