BMS Pfizer

BMS Pfizer

Major industry event features 3D holographic exhibit


BMS and Pfizer choose the World Heart Federation’s 2014 conference to promote their new treatment for strokes.

About the BMS Pfizer Event

The World Heart Federation’s annual event is an extremely lively and busy exhibition. So we had the challenge of delivering cut through and engaging the key audiences in an impactful and memorable fashion.  This led to the creation of ‘The 3D Experience’ – an exhibition stand featuring holographic content designed to showcase the new drug, generate impact on the exhibition floor and a buzz amongst the audience of influential doctors and consultants. The installation featured a hologram of an expert explaining the functioning and benefits of new drug.  Along with an array of medical studies and research, which was all presented in a visually appealing way, allowing audiences to understand complex clinical data through mesmerising animation, created by the Award winning ‘The CementBloc’

Our technology used for the BMS Pfizer launch

The 3D Experience stand was a self-contained unit, which encased a 6m x 4m wide setup of our Eyeliner system and featured external branding for Pfizer. The creative agency involved in the project, The CementBloc, were responsible for the content and we worked with them to ensure our holographic technology was able to achieve their goals and create the required impact.


Creative Agency – Cement Bloc

Eyeliner installation and Design – Musion