One Riverside Park

Holographic installation in real estate marketing suite


A permanent installation created for New York’s latest development, One Riverside Park, showcasing 3D plans, apartments and the lifestyle on offer. One Riverside Park is a latest addition to New York’s waterfront skyline – a luxury condominium at Riverside Boulevard and 62nd Street in Manhattan. The new building rises to 184m above street level, consists of 33 floors and 219 residential apartments. It is the final development within Riverside South – a new, exclusive and vibrant neighbourhood on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. To showcase the development and attract buyers and investors, our Eyeliner system has been permanently installed in the marketing suite to deliver a 3D holographic presentation.

About the One Riverside Park project

Marketing for One Riverside Park focuses on the lifestyle available within the new Riverside South neighbourhood, including easy access to New York culture and extensive opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The development itself will provide amenities such as a school, a retail park and gardens.

The marketing and creative teams involved – Wordsearch and Riverfilms – wanted to create a 3D holographic presentation for use during private viewings to potential investors and buyers. It needed to capture the essence of the new neighbourhood and the lifestyle on offer, so fresh content was created to bring to life the development and its surrounding areas. This content features musicians, performers, fashion shows, people wining and dining, and children playing in the park.

It was also crucial for the holographic presentation to successfully highlight the development’s amenities, so it also features 3D plans for the condominium, representations of finished apartments and views of the overall development.

Our technology used within One Riverside Park

Our Eyeliner system is the holographic technology behind the marketing suite’s permanent installation. Because our system can capture and present such a rich visual experience it has enabled One Riverside Park’s marketing and creative teams to capture the neighbourhood’s energy and bring to life the development and all it has to offer.

The resulting 3D holographic presentation has added a next level of wow factor to each private viewing. It helps to tell the story of the new condominium and create a narrative centered on the neighbourhood’s exclusivity and vibrancy, designed to attract investors and buyers. Our Musion team supported the development of the 3D holographic presentation – from storyboarding through to filming and final production. We also helped with the final delivery and set up of the permanent installation, too.

Reactions to One Riverside Park

As the last development within Riverside South, One Riverside Park has drawn huge amounts of attention and is billed as New York’s most distinguished new waterfront address.


Client – Extell

Content Consultancy – Musion

Eyeliner installation and Design – Musion

Marketing agency – Wordsearch

Creative and content development – David Groundwater, Riverfilms